Want to Establish an Online Business? – Learn How To Increase Traffic to Your Website!

In any given business, the most important thing is getting more customers. Once you have bought the confidence of your customers, the next thing you will want to achieve is gaining more traffic.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous ways through which you can divert traffic to your site.
If you have been wondering on how to increase traffic to your site, here are some of the popular methods most successful business owners use to enhance their profits. Lets us get started:

1. Advertising

There are various ways of letting people know what your business is all about and they include:

  • Social media advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Paid search

All these methods can be used to increase traffic, help to develop your brand and also help to rank your site highly on the popular search engines like Google. What you need here is to fine-tune your paid stratagem so that they are in tandem with your business goals. Perhaps you are interested in creating more customers or you want to gain more conversions – yes, you can achieve all these if you lay down good strategies. It is good to understand that each of these methods comes with its benefits and cons. Thus, before deciding on which one to use, you must take time to evaluate your fundamental goals and how you intend to go about it.

If you are the type that believes in converting the available traffic into potential customers, then you are better off if you directed your attention to commercial-based keywords. Just like it happens in other business fields, you must be prepared to adhere to the search terms considering that they can sometimes be very stringent – but worth it if you really want to achieve your goals.

2. Socialize

Remember that creating high quality content is one thing and letting people find it is another – there is more you will need to do to get there. As such, another great way to divert more traffic to your site is by promoting your content through social media networks. While twitter is better with short, quick links, Google+ plays a vital role when it comes to personalizing your site’s search results and it is even more efficient in B2B slots. Thus, if you company falls under the B2B niche, social networks such Instagram and Pinterest are a perfect fit.

3. Mix it up

As it were, marketing your content successfully does not require you to apply any magic as most of us tend to believe. The trick lies in varying format and length of the content. This is critically important as it helps to improve the quality and therefore attracting the attention of more readers. Interspersing long content with shorter, news blog posts and video, data oriented pieces and infographics brings about the much needed traction on readers.

4. Come up with catchy headlines

If you didn’t know, then it should dawn on you that headlines play a very critical role when it comes to attracting the attention of readers. They are actually very important in any given content. If your content does not carry a convincing title, trust me, no one will want to read it regardless of the content being highly comprehensive. It is therefore necessary for you to try and learn the skill of headline creation. A good example can be drawn from Upworthy and BuzzFeed writers who are reputed for their tendency of creating a variety of headlines from which they pick what they believe has the ability to keep more traffic flocking in. If you really want to improve your site’s ranking in the popular search engines, then borrowing a leaf from these two only business websites can be a wise a idea.

5. Consider the on-page SEO

If you thought SEO is long dead, then you are wrong! As far as increasing traffic is concerned, creating a search engine optimized content is the best way to go about it. Is your image alternative text offering maximum benefits? Are you trying to backlink your new content? How about improving your Meta descriptions? Whichever the case, there is no greater way of achieving this other than paying great attention to on-page SEO. You do not have the whole day to have this put in place and it only takes a short time and you are done.

6. Incorporate long-tail keywords

Have you ensured that your highly rated commercial-oriented target keywords are well secured? Yes, it is now high time you directed your attention on the long-tail keywords. These types of keywords take into account most of the popular search engine needs. It therefore means that if you are intending to utilize them as an option of your SEO or paid search efforts, then you’d better hurry up. Don’t be left behind!

7. Start guest blogging

Although it may seem outdated, but believe you me, guest blogging is still a very effective way of traffic diversion. Post a guest post and highly popular site can greatly boost traffic to your site and most importantly, assist in developing your brand. However, before you venture into guest blogging, you must be very cautious lest you get penalized for employing spammy techniques considering that in the recent times guest blogging standards have undergone a drastic change.

8. Invite your friends to post blogs on your site

One interesting thing about guest blogging is that it is a two-way traffic. Apart from you guest blogging on other people’s blogs, you can also benefit greatly by simply asking people who share your niche to post their content on your website. By sharing and connecting to their guest posts, chances are that most of their followers will tend to get attracted to your site. What you must ensure is posting only top notch, unique content that is free from spammy links failure to which, you risk rubbing shoulders with Google for venturing spammy tricks which are highly forbidden.

9. Turn to referral traffic

Instead of wasting your time trying to convince other websites to backlink to your site, opt for content that requests for visitation from others. First and foremost, try to learn about the different types of links with ability to refer new visitors to your site and where to look for them.

10. Post your content to LinkedIn

Looking at the current job searching trend, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is just another social network where people interact and share ideas. Regarded as the largest social media platform across the globe, LinkedIn is proving to be an important platform for publishing content. In order to achieve the most out of this popular social network, regularly post content to it and you will be surprised at how it will improve traffic on to your site. Besides, doing so will also help to enhance your profile in the industry, especially if your following is moderate or big.