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Monitor the Backlinks of Your Website

You can easily identify the quality of backlinks your website has and view the anchor text of the referring pages and domains.

Evaluate Your Link Building Strategy

Run a full report of your website and view statistics about the effectiveness of your backlinks.

Keep Up with Your Competitors

Analyze the link building strategy of your competitors to increase your traffic.

This Service Is For

SEO Managers and Linkbuilders

With ScanBacklinks, you can analyze websites and incoming links, find new customers and potential linking partners, and keep an eye on your competitors.

Media Analysts

ScanBacklinks is a handy resource for media analysts looking for ways to embrace all the aspects of and deep into the world of social media.


This SEO tool helps businessmen in optimizing their websites and increasing traffic, and, consequently, ensure professional growth.

Why Choose US

For Beginners

  • Conclusion - we analyze backlinks and provide you with a full information about your link profile.
  • Decision - we give you recommendations on how to eliminate your problem in your link profile.
  • Great - we identify strong points of your website’s link profile. You need to know what your advantages for beating your competitors are.
  • Normal - We inform you about vulnerable spots in your link profile for you to strengthen what is under threat now.
  • Bad - we identify weak spots in your link profile and show what leads you to being penalized in search engines.

For Professionalsbesides, our benefit is obvious

unlimited reports
60 reports per month
20 reports per month


Steven Coleman says:

"I am a newcomer in SEO industry, and recently I was looking for the ways to get my first customers. ScanBacklinks gave me information on my competitors and forums where they advertise their products. So, I started to place my ads there and now my customer base is constantly growing!"

Daniel Grant says:

"I am working as an SEO for more than five years. I have experience in using similar services, so I decided to check ScanBacklinks for expertise. This service surprised me with the completeness of a link profile and overall efficiency. I think this one has the best price/performance criteria."

Nathan Castillo says:

"For me, this service is a reliable tool to learn about the promotion strategies of my competitors using data about the anchor list and the quality of the backlinks profile. And it really works fast."


Q. How can you help me?

We analyze backlinks that link to your website and your competitors’ websites. We uncover broken, low-quality backlinks and bottlenecks in your link profile that lead to penalization by search engines. We also build effective SEO strategy and help you bring your website to the highest positions in Google and other search systems.

Q. Who is this service for?

This service will be useful for owners of small websites, who want to analyze their backlinks sources and get recommendations on how to optimize the backlink profile. We strive to develop the service and add new features to it that will allow us to get more accurate information about the state of your links and website in search engines. Stay with us.

Q. What are the restrictions on the use of ScanBacklinks services?

If you are not registered, you can get the report on the first 10 backlinks.

Q. How much does your service cost?

You can try ScanBacklinks for free. If you want to keep using our services, please, register and purchase a package suitable for your website. The prices for packages can be found here: https://scanbacklinks.com/price

Q. Do I Need Any Technical Knowledge To Use Scanbacklinks?

The service is available for anyone. No particular technical knowledge is required to use it.