Check DA, PA, СF, TF, SB Rank for your website

Check DA, PA, СF, TF, SB Rank
for your website

SEO is a complex subject that aims to improve site rankings. It includes many tactics and strategies, and it’s crucial to monitor them to know where you go and what steps to take to get higher positions in search engines. Today the key metrics that help to check and monitor SEO of your site is Domain Authority (authority of complete site) and Page Authority (authority of a certain site page).

What are DA and PA? Why are these metrics important?

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) metrics provide useful information about your site position and sites of your competitors. These are the scores that predict your site's ranking success. They help you track your success and compare your site to the sites of your competitors. The metrics were developed by Moz. Since Google stopped to display site’s PagePank, DA and PA are used by SEOs as number one metric to know how competitive a site is in Google.

Why Do You Need to Check Domain Authority and Page Authority of Your Site?

Factors that affect DA and PA

DA and PA metrics depend on the links pointing to your website. So, the first thing which you should pay attention to is link profile of your site. Links pointing to your website should contain relevant keywords and be from high-quality websites with high DA and PA.

It is essential to check Domain Authority and Page Authority from time to time to know if your site has links from low-quality, spam sites with a poor reputation.

In general, we can divide main factors that influence DA and PA metrics into two main groups:

On-page factors, which include:

  • Usability: intuitive design, easy navigation, fast loading of the site pages; the site should be mobile-friendly
  • Content: relevant, interesting and engaging content of high-quality (media, articles, white papers, infographics, etc.)
  • Relevant keywords that are organically woven into the text
  • Presence of such page sections as header, footer, navigation, body and ads
  • Good web host’s reputation

Off-page factors, which include:

  • Backlinks to your site from high-quality sources as were previously mentioned
  • Links from authoritative blogs and groups in social media
  • Links from sources relevant to your site
  • Diversity of backlinks (dofollow, nofollow) and sources (with different DA and PA scores)

How to Check Page Authority and Domain Authority of the Site?

Domain and page authority checker is the easiest way to check these metrics on your site. All you need is just to enter the site URL and get the result right away. Just in a few clicks, you can check DA and PA of your own website, site of your competitor, or site where you are going to place the link.

You can check page authority using our ScanBacklinks checker tool:

  1. Scroll to the top of the page
  2. Enter the URL of the site you want to check
  3. Get report with DA and PA metrics

What Is ScanBacklinks and How Can We Help You?

ScanBacklinks is a young project that aims to ease the life of SEO-experts and beginners. Using our tools, you can improve your rankings by analyzing the site’s DA and PA, evaluating its link building strategy and find out the pros and cons of your competitor's strategy.

SB Rank – Metric Based on DA and PA

Besides SEO software, we have also developed our own metric – SB Rank, which is based on site’s DA and PA. It is calculated in accordance with the formula: (PA+DA/5)/10 – for sites which are not included in Alexa Top 100 rankings. If the site is included in Alexa Top 100 rankings, SB Rank equals only page authority metric.


DA and PA are important metrics in SEO that predict how well your site will rank in search engines. You can use this info to improve your SEO when developing your link building and SEO campaign.

Our ScanBacklinks domain and page authority checker tool enables you to check page and domain authority. Check it right away! Just enter site’s URL and get a report in a few seconds.

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