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Clock Full report in a few seconds

Check your On Page SEO issues. Get a complete report of your web page in a few seconds.

Tips Tips for fixing issues

Our detailed recommendations on how to fix On Page SEO issues will help you get on Top of Google faster.

Chart Keep up with your competitors

Analyze your competitors’ websites. Learn on their search engine optimization tricks.

This SEO Analyzer Is For
Your and Your Customers’ Websites

SEO Specialists SEO Specialists

With On Page SEO Tool you can analyze web pages that affect your website rankings in search engines. Get your site to the top of Google search!

Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs

This On Page SEO Tool helps entrepreneurs to optimize their websites according to the guidelines of search engines. Increase organic traffic and website’s income significantly!

Marketers Marketers

On Page SEO Tool is a multipurpose tool that helps to manage the on-page optimization in simple and clear manner. Spend less time, make more money!

Webmasters Webmasters

Using On Page SEO Tool is an excellent option to find out downsides of any webpage SEO, and put in place the necessary remedial measures.


Jon Huffman Jon Huffman

a webmaster
from the USA, says:

«I tried this service and found out the deep-rooted cause of a low Google ranking of my website! Full soon after deleting all the broken links, I saw a 36% increase in my search traffic!»

Ron Sunbrook Ron Sunbrook

a business owner from UK, comments:

«With this tool find out the secret of my competitor’s (www.lightbulbs- direct.com) high rankings. After I had used the keywords in title and headings, I got a higher traffic and with it more sales which additionally brought me in £8,450 in 4 months.»

Mary Montgomery Mary Montgomery

an independent SEO Specialist
from Australia, admits:

«On Page SEO Tool helped me to analyze the success of www.realestate.com.au. By implementing the appropriate keywords, I got my site to Google Top 10 in 2 months.»

Why Choose Us?

For beginners
  • Easy-to-use tool that reveals SEO errors and increases your traffic up to 300%

  • Quick operation for your prompt response

  • Rich functionality for revealing the insights of your SEO

  • Available 24-hours to handle with your SEO day-to-dayness

  • More than 350 practical tips for boosting your website performance

  • User-friendly interface and coherent information

For professionals
  • Highly developed tool that helps you with 100% of your SEO on-page errors

  • Automated analysis saves about 90% of your time if compared to manual analysis

  • Enhanced functionality that analyzes more than 40 on-page factors

  • White-hat reports which you can use for your needs or sell to your customers

  • Сomprehensive data and guides for better on-page optimization

  • Detailed report on weak points of your website


Q: How can you help me?

We analyze the common functionality of your site with all its weak and strong points. The website undergoes the thorough checkout after which you receive a full review on its operation, including usability, social media influence, and content optimization. Moreover, we give a proper guidance for increasing your site ranking. In other words, we save your time and money providing prompt and detailed report on your website SEO.

Q: Who is this service for?

This is an all-in-all service that will be fruitful for both beginners and experts. For its rich functionality that is given in a simple report, our service comes into play when you need quick and effective decisions concerning the website performance. On Page SEO Tool possesses the advanced features for an expert research, but its user-friendly data submission ring the bell with newbies in SEO.

Q: Can you offer me the extended SEO report of my site?

Yes, we can conduct the extended SEO analysis of your website. Send us your URL, and shortly after we will provide you with the estimated value, execution time, and further details of this service.

Q: How much does your service cost?

You can try On Page SEO Tool for free. If you want to keep using our services, please, register and purchase a package suitable for your website. The prices for packages can be found here: https://scanbacklinks.com/price

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