Meta Descriptions in a Nutshell

When it comes to understanding a Meta Description the thing is that they are not a material substance when it comes to SEO rankings. However, from a marketing outlook and a connection through frequency, the Meta description appears to be a reason to pay attention to this small but important piece of information.

Meta Description length is maximum of 160 character and it’s an extract describing your website. They located just above the URL. They are a very brief narrative about your website as a whole. They diverge from Title Tags in that Title tags are used in SEO rankings and are connected to each page of a Web site.

Meta Descriptions are website global and as stated they do not help your SEO rankings. Here is a Meta Description example with the hyperlinks removed.

Hyperlinks removed

You will count exactly 159 characters in the Meta Description size. This is well written with just one character shy of the Meta Description Length of 160 characters.

How to write Meta Description?

Meta Descriptions are supplementary to the website under the admin page. This would be edited under the Title Tags or the Meta Descriptions. If you are using WordPress then plugins are available for you to set up your Meta Tag Description.

Since Meta Descriptions are in reality HTML Meta tags, they will be placed in the header of your website under the admin section. You can and should use WordPress SEO plugins to position the Meta Description into the admin area. It can also be set up to be seen on each post or page of your website.

So adding this Meta tag description is not that difficult to do. We have answered the question about what is Meta Description. Make sure that you fully understand that knowing how to write a Meta Description for SEO is not the focus. The challenge is to learn how to write a Meta Description and apply it for increasing the connect through frequency to your website.

How to write Meta Description for SEO?

If you are thinking about how to write Meta Description for SEO you should position that as an inferior reason for understanding its importance. The reason is that it is not much of a factor if at all in SEO rankings. There is a host of other factors used for SEO rankings and they have little to do with the Meta Description.

So since it is not about SEO ranking, then why is it so essential? It is significant because it is what the person will see when the URL for your website comes up on a Web search related to SEO. It is your brief description that they will see regarding your website before they connect through to actually go to your website.

Think of it this way! Your website is your online storefront, think of it as the 160 character sign on the front of your retail store or even in the old yellow pages book that describes what you offer. Think of it as such a powerful description that they will want to walk into your store or establishment.

In the online world, it is the part that may get them to click through to your website. It is used to grab a person’s attention online and get them to come to you. So let’s look at another example with hyperlinks removed.

Hyperlinks removed 2

This Meta description is enticing me to get my customized healing massage. Just what I was looking for if I was searching health spas. Might make me click through to the website to find out more! Now let’s remove the Meta Description which will look like this:

Meta Description removed

So is there anything that will make you want to click through without the Meta Description? Of course not!

Are Meta Descriptions used as a ranking pointer?

We have already covered the fact that search engines, Google included to not use Meta Descriptions for SEO rankings. However, they do show up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) as a concise description of your website and your offerings. We have also shown you what it would look like if it was not there? It would be boring with no reason to walk into your store or business!

So you should think of the Meta Description more as an advertisement that is pithy and to the point about your services and offerings. It should give a subliminal call to action. It is your chance to stand out from your competitors on the same SERP.

Even though keywords will not be used in the Meta Description for SEO ranking, they may still be used in the Meta Description for the benefit of the person doing the search. They may see a connection between what they just searched for and your Meta Description.

How to compose a great Meta Description!

Because there is nothing static about being online, being able to write a great Meta Tag Description and even change it over time is a great addition to your online presence. So the best way to write a great Meta Tag Description is to verbalize it first as if you were describing your website to a friend.

There are audio recording apps on just about any mobile or laptop device. Use them for your benefit in recording so you can later transcribe it into your Meta Description.

Ask them to listen to your verbal narrative then get it down on paper. If you can verbalize it in such a way to your friend or associates and this has their interest peaked, then get it in writing. Think of it as word of mouth presentation that anyone can repeat when describing your service.

Meta description checklist!

Now that you understand that the Meta Description is not that long and are not part of the SEO rankings you also know it is still important to have a great one for increased connect through frequency. Here are some ideas which you can use as a framework to help you write them or verbalize them first before getting them on paper.

  • Become a wordsmith professional – Language, when used properly is influential. It can be used to persuade and define value. The best way to become a wordsmith is to use MS Word and write out the 160 characters in several different ways conveying the same meaning.
  • Synonym Usage - Pick out some of the keywords and use the synonyms tool in MS Word to come up with different words that have similar meanings. It is very powerful when you do this.
  • Use persuasive language -When describing your website put in descriptive words that give a feeling of pleasure, problem-solving, or solution oriented. Entice them to click through.
  • Emotion over logic – Always remember that people buy with emotion and justify later with logic. In this case, you want them to buy with emotion by clicking through.
  • Keywords – Use these sparingly and only for the determination of the person performing the search to have a connection between what they just searched for and whatever your website is about.
  • Competitors – There is nothing immoral with going to your competitor's sites by bringing them up on a SERP. Just Google them to find out how they show up and how their Meta Descriptions are displaying. Start asking yourself what you like or do not like about your competitor's description. Might be a good reason to be a contrarian in your advertisement.
  • Describe Uniqueness – What is it about your service, product or offering that makes you unique or different. Focus on that.
  • Test different Meta Descriptions – Have several ready to go and change them out to see which one will have the most clicks through rates.
  • Do not waste characters – You only have a Meta description length of 160 characters. Do not waste them with unnecessary punctuation such as …..!

These are just a few of the ideas on a checklist to help you create an awesome Meta Description. You now have a good idea on how to write Meta Description.

Good and bad Meta Description example

Suppose I was doing an online exploration for “health spas” and the below-registered websites came up on the SERP. Now it is conceivable since I was searching for health spa that maybe I already knew something about them so let’s explore each on and see which one entices me more to click through. We have removed the hyperlinks for this purpose.

  • Health Spa number 1:

Health Spa 1

First of all, I already know that health spa will help me feel stronger, healthier and maybe better so this does not give me much new information. I might consider the fact that they have resorts across the world if I was a world traveler, but most people are not. So that does not help me. The word luxury conveys more of a high-cost concept, and not necessarily a pampered concept. Not real excited here on this one.

  • Health Spa number 2:

Health Spa 2Now we are starting to talk a little emotional language here. Words like rejuvenation, stress-free and tune-ups for the body are talking my reasons for searching health spas. The Meta description implies that they have multiple locations, but that is not my mindset. I just want to feel better.

  • Health Spa Number 3

Health Spa 3

Now this one is really getting my emotional juices flowing and the reason I searched for health spas. I mean relaxation, rejuvenation and natural therapies customized just for me! Really! Then there is this little word Ayurveda. What is that? I have to check this out.

We trust that this article has helped you come up with a greater understanding of Meta Descriptions.