Check DA, PA, СF, TF, SB Rank for your website


SB Rank – Select Backlinks with Ease

As soon as PageRank died, SEO experts and site owners faced the problem with websites’ evaluation. Actually, PR continues to exist and operate as always, but it is no longer displayed. The question number one was “How to find relevant websites with needed Google rankings for link building?” Well, the solution was found!


Instead of already dead PR, we offer our own evaluating system – SB Rank that was named after ScanBackLinks – free backlink checker tool and SEO software.
We developed SB Rank when PR existed so that we could compare these two evaluating systems. We found that in 90% of cases SB Rank matches with PageRank, so it can be considered as a full replacement for Google PR. Moreover, it is impossible to cheat SB Rank as it was possible with PageRank.


What are SB Rank benefits?

  • Impossible to make fake SB Rank (however, a lot of people cheat PageRank)
  • Improved formula of Google PR
  • Regular updates once a week (whereas Google updated PR every 4 months)
  • Based on two reliable indicators – DA and PA
  • Determines the correct value of the page that has low PA, but high DA (as in the case with BlogSpot and other similar pages)
  • No need to calculate manually DA and PA as this is already included in SB Rank
  • Will be developed and will consider Trust Flow and other indicators in future


How SB Rank is calculated?


SB Rank is calculated on the basis of two indexes – Page Authority and Domain Authority. Here’s the formula:



Why do we divide DA by 5?

There are sites that have a significantly high DA index. This index can distort the real value of the page. For instance, BlogSpot domain has DA100, however, the page may be almost empty and has no real value. In order to calculate appropriate SB Rank of the page, we take only 20% of the site DA index, which is why we divide it by 5.



You have found in our inventory the page with PA50 and DA80. 50+80/5 = 66. We divide it by 10 (in order to get a number from 0 to 10) and get 6,6. The resulting number we round to 7. This number will be the SB Rank of the page. If we, for instance, got 6,4 or less, we would round it to 6. If we got the number starting from 6,5, we would round it to 7.
In the future, we also plan to complicate the formula of SB Rank, adding more indicators, such as Majestic Flow, so our customers can select the most relevant pages for backlinks more easily.


Selecting pages by SB Rank, you:

  • Get pages with 100% correct value (as PR is no longer updated, a lot of pages was evaluated wrong)
  • Will not overpay for pages that were evaluated wrong
  • Save time and nerves when selecting pages to place your backlinks
  • Get in the Google Top rankings successfully as you will have perfect link profile purchasing backlinks with correct Rank


Share your opinion with us! How, in your view, should be improved SB Rank? Should we add Trust Flow in SB Rank formula? What about Alexa Rank and SimilarWeb? Or maybe we should take into account the position of the page in Google?


We will appreciate your feedbacks, just contact us!